India is the largest democracy in the world. was developed to serve as a Gateway to Good Governance, and it was all for the people, of the people and by the people.

Communication between the elected representatives and the electorate in India had always been a one way process from the politicians to the citizens. The vastness of the territory and lack of any proper communication infrastructure made it almost impossible for people to connect directly with politicians. India Democracy was one amongst the first to make it possible.

We at V-Empower Inc. had researched for many years and came up with this website to facilitate two-way communication between legislators and citizens through Internet. We had many legislators, social organizations and thousands of citizens discussing issues of mutual concerns here. Several legislators across the country had joined our cause to make the communication system effective.

While the Articles section was devoted to logging discussions and debates of all concerns from across the country, News section kept our readers updated with all latest news. Updated database of all elected officials (from Governors to Chief Ministers, MPs, MLAs, to all level of State Ministers) was always available with options to contact them one-to-one. Many ministers replied publicly to the common questioners through this platform, thus fulfilling its role as a gateway to connect Indians with their leaders. A very resourceful platform of did provide all information about Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, about India, its history, geography and cultural details.

From the date of its launch (2002) to December 2012 (shut down), it served the information seekers of our country India to the best of its capability. 

We gave away source code to several non-profits who were involved in online advocacy, and if anyone is again interested they can get source code from us by emailing to:

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